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About our models

Our models start the traditional way; carved from 4 or 5 layers of solid wood called "lifts". Each layer is cut to match the exact shape of the corresponding line on the original drawings. We then fair between the lifts and checking with the other lines on the lines plans arrive at the correct shape of the hull. Historically half models were used to determine the shape a vessel was to built to so we pay very careful attention to getting the shape exactly right.

The last 10% of the work takes 90% of the time.The plug is then prepared for molding with several coats of Awl Grip primer which is wet-sanded and polished to a high gloss. We then pour a rubber mold over our perfect plug. When the rubber has set we can make our first model. First we paint the inside of the mold with Awl Grip primer. Our models are made of a two-part urethane mixed with micro-balloons which is poured into the mold, filling it to and a little above the brim. After an hour or so the model is pulled form the mold and the back is sanded flat. The next day the model will be sanded and a coat of gloss white awl grip is applied. After a couple of days we mark and tape the boot stripes and bottom paint lines then start applying colors to the topsides.

Each stripe is then painted and finally the bottom paint is applied. We add a flattening agent to the Awl Grip so it looks like real anti-fouling paint. When finally freed from the finishing shop, the model is ready for any final logo applications, and to be mated with foils, plaques and the backboard.  After a final quality control inspection, the hardest part of the process…packing her up and shipping her out.  We usually want to keep'em.