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About Trident
A sailor and model maker all his life Andrew Burton is the owner and cheif model maker of Trident Studio. He has lived and breathed boats since the day his father got him hooked on sailing at age five. Since than he has logged nearly 300,000 miles as delivery Captian sailing both coasts of North America and to and from Europe. His favorite hobby is racing sailboats. His trained eye makes sure your model looks right when you open the box. When he's not making models in the summertime, he can be found in Newport racing his shields class racing sloop "Raven."

Mike Pine had a twenty year career in the Navy, serving in Panama, the Middle East, the US Naval Academy sailing center and many other exotic locations. Typical of old time Navy men he has always been a skilled model maker. His hobbies include sailing, kayaking and doing fancy rope and rigging work.

If you get a model that smells faintly of tarred marlin you can bet Mike was the last one to have his hands on it! Mike has been at Trident Studio since July of 1999 when he quit chasing test torpedoes around the Atlantic.